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Declaration of Faith

Spiritual Church of Turlock РDeclaration of Faith April 27th, 2014

Article I

We believe in the Divine Creator of all. Whose existence, power and wisdom Nature proclaims. The human soul recognizes their love and goodness.

Article II

We declare that the foundation of our Philosophy rests on the many world wide wisdom teachings including those of Jesus.

Article III

The wisdom teachings and holy writings including the Bible contain many inspirational truths worthy of careful study. All of which are to be tested by reason and the laws of the Divine which are in the human soul.

Article IV

Jesus said you will know the truth and the truth will set you free. We all strive to live in Perfect Truth and Divine Love.

Article V

We declare that the Spiritual and Divine Healing practiced in our church is accomplished by prayer, meditation, and faith in the power and love of God.

Article VI

History proves that spirituality is inherent in the human soul, is normal and beneficial when practiced in harmony with reason and Natural Law.

Article VII

The Spiritual Church of Turlock teaches the immortality of the soul and that the spiritual life is abundantly demonstrated by the reappearance of the departed in their communications with mortals.

Article VIII

Men and women are a creation of God and of all God’s Divine Attributes and are destined to eternal progression and ultimate happiness.

Article IX

The great purpose of the Spiritual Church of Turlock is to demonstrate that life’s manifestations are continuous and to teach men and women the harmonial philosophy and to help them to spiritualize their ¬†character.


  • To unite in one common family all those who love the Divine
  • To gather together to share our Spiritual Truths
  • To seek and find God everywhere in the Universe
  • To carry on an educational program
  • To foster Spiritual, Divine, and Natural Healing
  • To declare that the individual survives the change called death
  • To teach the inter-communion of the so called dead and the inhabitants of the Earth
  • To teach that One Divine Law embraces us all