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Reverend Gaylene Cornell

Gaylene CornelleReverend Gaylene studied under Reverend Mary Olson for 6 years prior to taking and passing her Ordained Minister Exam in 1998. She then waited several years before she became an Ordained Minister in The Spiritual Church of Turlock. She needed to be sure she was ready for such a Sacred responsibility and Spiritual duty.

Prior to passing her Ordained Minister Exam, she received her Certificate of Divine Healing and Certificate of Minister of Psychic Communion. She studied Reiki and became a Reiki Master in 1993.

She now holds a Reiki Master Certificate in the Usui, Atlantean and Crystal Reiki methods.

Some of her credentials include:

Psychic/ Medium
Certified Hypnosis Practitioner
Bachelors Degree in Spiritual Healing
Holistic Health Practitioner
Accredited Instructor with The Crystal Awareness Institute Holistic Reflexology
Accredited Teacher with The Reiki Blessings Academy
Essential Oil Practitioner
Aromatherapy Certification
Chakra Balancing Certificate
Holistic Business Certificate
Meditation Certificate
ThetaHealing Practitioner
Spiritual Life Coach
Graduate of the Reiki Blessings Academy
Member of the HHP – Holistic Health Practitioner
Member of the International Healers Network
Member of the Temple of Peace (Atlantean and Crystal Reiki)
Member of Distant Healers Network (International group of healers)

Reverend Gaylene studied under DaEl Walker, founder of the Crystal Awareness Institute in Sunol California and is a Crystalotherpy Instructor. She uses crystals and essential oils in her healing work. Working with crystals is one of her favorite ways of using the divine energy from God that she believes we all possess and that she teaches in the Church.

Reverend Gaylene is a natural born psychic/medium and is clairaudient and clairsentient along with being an empath. She has been doing psychic readings almost all her life, but on a consistent basis for 30 years. She produces The Turlock Holistic Expo for The Spiritual Church of Turlock.

Reverend Gaylene Cornell

Psychic Readings by appointment only. Either in person or by phone.

Donations go to: The Spiritual Church of Turlock

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